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Everyday Wake County is growing by 64 people and the majority of those people are choosing to live and work in Raleigh. That influx of people is changing our city and that change is being seen and felt every day. Thus, our city has some big questions we need to answer: What does the future of transportation look like? If we do not act now, we will become Atlanta or LA, cites that are known for horrible traffic?
We need to start preparing for tomorrow by building a modern public transportation system today. This will reduce commute times and congestion on our roads, which will grow our economy and provide better options for all citizens. But new infrastructure takes time and capital.
Over the last several years mayors, citizens, university leaders, business owners and more have been gathering to discuss what our future transportation could look like. It’s a conversation I have been proud to take part in and one that I believe is crucial for our city. That’s why on election day, I am asking you to join me in voting to approve a half-cent sales tax referendum to fund transportation system and transit expansion.
Here is what the plan will do:
  • Triple bus service in just the first few years, connecting every town in the county. 
  • Build a frequent “Bus Rapid Transit” network in high-traffic areas that will incorporate dedicated bus lanes, level boarding platforms, and other enhanced features that improve the speed and quality of service.
  • Create a new commuter rail line that will efficiently utilize pre-existing tracks to provide a backbone of passenger train service across the county, enabling people to completely avoid daily road traffic congestion.
Please remember to join me in November and vote to move our county and city forward by funding this needed infrastructure.

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  • commented 2017-06-06 10:00:43 -0400
    Mr. Gaylord; I have voted for you in previous elections, however in the past year I have attempted to communicate with you on several occasions about concerns by email and by letter, but have never received even acknowledgement of receipt of messages, much less a response. If you are too busy to respond to constituents, I suggest you reconsider your decision to run again.

    Ted Kunstling MD
    500 Spring Valley Drive.
    Raleigh 27609