Short Term Rentals

The city’s current ordinance makes it illegal to offer short term rentals.

The Raleigh City Council recently voted on a proposed ordinance, which would have made Airbnb type services legal. Under the proposed ordinance, residents could only rent two rooms in their home for less than 30 days, in addition to a required permit process and a 400 foot buffer, severely limiting opportunities for homeowners. In a split vote, these proposed regulations and restrictions were not adopted.

These type of regulations are not the future for our city – they limit the ability of economy to adapt. We have seen it across the US, our economy is evolving. We are able to supplement our incomes through services like Airbnb and Uber. The shared economy is opening new doors and making it easier for citizens to visit new places and enjoy the ones they call home.

We have seen cities shut the door on the shared economy. We can’t innovate in our city or be a home for the next great company, if we don’t accept and embrace the ability of our citizens to be entrepreneurial.

This is Raleigh’s chance to be part of the future. I will continue to push for and support city ordinances that allow Raleigh to be part of the sharing economy.

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