Share the Road


With the warmer weather finally here, a lot more people are choosing to take advantage of the beautiful days to get out and be active. For a lot of people in Raleigh, that means riding a bike. Whether riding for transportation, exercise or just plain fun there are easy tips to follow to make sure you stay safe. GoTriangle has put together a good list:

  1. Protect your noggin. Wear your helmet, always.

  2. Be visible. Wear light-colored or reflective clothing and use both front and rear lights from dusk to dawn.

  3. Ride defensively.

  4. Yield to pedestrians.

  5. Be predictable. Use hand signals for turning and follow the rules of the road.

  6. Follow safe cycling practices (more information on that here)

Of course, motorists and others on the road also have a responsibility to keep our city safe for cyclists. One of the hallmarks of vibrant, modern cities is a variety of transportation options - and those options must include safe routes for cyclists. When you're driving, be on the lookout for cyclists and respect bike lanes and other rules of the road designed to allow for bike riding.

On the city council, we are working to make Raleigh better for biking. With just a little bit of awareness, you can, too.

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