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  • How does it work?

    Just click on an interactive map to precisely pinpoint and describe the non-emergency issue, such as a pothole, downed power line or clogged sewer.  Anyone can then click on the issue to indicate their agreement with the request, make additional comments, follow the issue, or share...

  • iPhone, Blackberry and Android Apps

    The SeeClickFix smartphone App can be downloaded by clicking the yellow link above the map for iPhone and Android, or enter into your Blackberry browser.  The smartphone App incorporates the functionality of the website, but with additional GPS-enabled...

  • Why use this site and the Apps?

    Empowerment.  Anyone can report and track non-emergency issues. This empowers citizens and community groups to take care of and improve their neighborhoods. Efficiency.  Two heads are better than one and 300 heads are better than two. City employees...

  • More Info...

    To learn more about SeeClickFix, visit

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