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  • I listen to voices from across Raleigh because every citizen deserves a role in shaping our city's future.

  • We have seen an explosion of career opportunities in Raleigh, but we have to work proactively to attract the next wave of jobs.

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    A Text Could Save a Life

    Technological advancements are great. The remote control, the elevator and the microwave are all things that make our lives a little easier. Of course, improvements in technology aren’t just about convenience. The can also keep us safer. Most of us wouldn’t dream of buying a car without seatbelts; anti-lock brakes and airbags are now ubiquitous safety features.
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    Rolling Out the Red Carpet

    People don’t often think of Raleigh as a tourist destination. We aren’t on the beach, we don’t have a ski resort and none of the Seven Wonders of the World is within our city limits (although we haven’t designed Dix Park yet). So would you believe that Raleigh rolled out the red carpet for 14.3 million domestic travelers last year? According to the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau, visitors pumped $2.2 billion into our economy in 2014. That’s $2.2 billion toward creating jobs, building schools and growing our economy.
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