• I believe in an open-source, collaborative approach to finding innovative solutions to the challenges facing Raleigh.

  • I listen to voices from across Raleigh because every citizen deserves a role in shaping our city's future.

  • We have seen an explosion of career opportunities in Raleigh, but we have to work proactively to attract the next wave of jobs.

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    More Than a Museum

    One of the best things about Raleigh is that it isn’t a one-dimensional city. There isn’t any one thing that makes our city great - it’s the connections between everything we do well that makes us such an attractive place to current and future residents alike. I thought about that a lot recently as NC State broke ground on the Gregg Museum.     Although it will hold over 30,000 pieces of spectacular art and design, its role in the community is as much more than a display space.
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    Why I'm Running

    As a Raleigh native, I feel a deep debt of gratitude for all of the opportunities this community has provided over the years. A desire to repay that debt is what inspired me to first run for Raleigh City Council in 2009 and it is what motivates me still as I begin my campaign for a fourth term. Growing up, I had all the educational opportunities I could ever need. I had well-educated, supportive parents with good jobs and the resources to satisfy my hunger for knowledge. Eventually, they put me in Hunter and Ligon Magnet Schools when magnet schools were still just an experiment.
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