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    'Hurry-Cain' Ya Tell Me Your Emergency Plan?

    It’s that time again, Raleigh. The first Atlantic hurricane of the year, Hurricane Danny, is fast approaching the East Coast. Are you prepared? The Hurricane Center warns that forecasting Danny’s strength may be difficult due to its small size; smaller hurricanes are subject to fluctuations in strength, making them very unpredictable. You don’t have to face the storm alone- we’ve got you covered with these safety tips.
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    Our Role in Recovery

    Issues of drug and alcohol addiction often hide in the shadows of our society. There is a tremendous stigma around substance use disorder and the people who struggle with it. This stigma often pushes marginalized people further from treatment instead of closer to recovery. Too many people believe that only a certain kind of person can become addicted. They believe that it will not happen to them or that they do not come from the kind of family that could be affected by substance use disorder issues. Nothing could be further from the truth.
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