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    A Day at the Beach?

    Many of us will spend this Memorial Day on a beach. Collecting shells, throwing a football or just laying around getting a tan. We are able to enjoy our day at the beach because 71 years ago, Allied forces had a very different experience on the beaches of Normandy. My grandfather Richard Gaylord was among the troops in that invading force. As an artillery spotter, he hit the coast of France four days after D-Day to find the enemy tanks and Howitzers that were still pounding the Allied liberation force. He was able to help destroy enemy gun positions, but saw his college roommate killed in the process. 
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    Share the Road

    With the warmer weather finally here, a lot more people are choosing to take advantage of the beautiful days to get out and be active. For a lot of people in Raleigh, that means riding a bike. Whether riding for transportation, exercise or just plain fun there are easy tips to follow to make sure you stay safe. GoTriangle has put together a good list:
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